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SR-130 Portable X-ray System

The dependable SR-130 Portable X-Ray System is ideal for any facility. We designed a compact, lightweight system with large inflatable wheels for effortless maneuverability. In addition, the SR-130 is the number one power-to-weight ratio portable X-Ray system on the market today.

Designed with Agility in Mind for Portable X-ray Applications

Light Weight 100lbs

Generator Type Microprocessor Controlled

mAs Range 0.15 – 120

kVp Range 40 - 100

Key Advantages

  • Compact, lightweight, general-purpose Portable X-ray System
  • Performance and Efficiency
  • Small Focal Spot for this level of power
  • High Frequency Generator
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Radiographic Applications
  • Used in hospitals, medical centers, clinics, sport complexes, nursing homes, home health care, correctional facilities & military applications.
Generator Type
  • High frequency Resonant Inverter Microprocessor controlled.
kVp Range
  • 40 – 100. Extremity Range – Adjustable in 1kVp steps.
mA Range
  • 15 & 30 Selectable. Constant mA – Independent of kV or time.
mAs Range
  • 0.125 – 120. Optimum Range – Provides quality soft tissue & bone resolution.
Exposure Time
  • 96 steps – Provides accurate technique settings.
X-ray Tube
  • Stationary anode, 15° Target, 1.0 fs 30,000 Heat Unit Storage. Provides superior image quality & heat storage.
  • 200° Rotation – High output LED lamp, Laser Indicators.
Exposure Switch
  • 2 Position, Prep / X-ray, 15′ Cable.
Mechanical Stand
  • Welded Aluminum construction. Light weight – Durable Powder Coat Finish.
SR-130 Portable X-ray Machine

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