Small Animal X-Ray System

VXS-115 Veterinary X-ray

  • Single Package Design
  • Extremely Powerful For Its Size
  • Highly Agile for Portability

VXS-115 Veterinary X-ray System

Source-Ray, Inc. is proud to introduce the new VXS-115, a US-made, high-quality product, designed to tailor to the specific needs of the veterinary market.
The VXS-115 is a cost-effective, plug-and-play model that comes with a user-friendly design enabling veterinarians to capture high-quality X-ray images.

Key Advantages

  • Plug and Play! No Special Power Needed to Operate. Uses Standard Wall Outlet
  • Easy to Move Around Any Room to Clean or Relocate
  • Lubrication-Free Sliding System Allows the Bucky and Tube Stand to Be Easily Moved Along the Length of the Table.
  • New Generation of Wired and Wireless DR Detectors
  • Simple, Easy to Use Digital X-ray Software
  • Generator and DR Can Easily Be Removed and Taken Into the Field for Equine or Bovine Applications
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Generator Type
  • High-frequency Microprocessor controlled Generator
kVp Range
  • 40- 100kVp
mA Range
  • 15 Fixed. Constant mA, Independent of kV or time.
mAs Range
  • 0.15 - 60

Wired / Wireless X-ray Detector

  • Improved DQE
  • Water Resistant
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Auto Exposure Detection
  • Image Preview Seconds after Exposure
Female Veterinarian Diagnosing a Red Maine Coon Cat with Stethos

User Friendly X-ray Acquisition Software

  • Easy & Intuitive GUI
  • Operator-Friendly Console
  • Fully Integrated Solution
  • Supporting Various Workflows
  • Easily Integrated Into Your Existing Clinical Network
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