Medical X-ray System Applications

Source-Ray offers a wide range of medical imaging solutions that can be used in various healthcare settings

電動ベッドの置かれた部屋 病院 介護施設

Nursing Homes & Long-term Care Facilities

Our portable and mobile X-ray systems are designed for nursing homes and long-term care facilities, providing high-quality diagnostic imaging while minimizing disruptions. Small enough to tuck themselves under a patient's bed, staff members can quickly and accurately obtain diagnostic images without transferring patients.

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Female physiotherapist standing by smiling senior patient walking between parallel bars in rehab center

Physiotherapy Clinics

Physiotherapy clinics looking to treat injuries effectively can benefit from our portable and mobile X-ray systems. Without needing a full X-ray room, our systems are small enough to be stored in a corner and wheeled to the patient when required.

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Veterinary Clinics

Veterinary clinics typically face the challenge of balancing portability with power. Our portable and mobile X-ray systems are the perfect solution for your practice, as they are designed to be highly compact but are packed with enough power output to X-ray even the largest animals.

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An examination room at a doctor's office.

Urgent Care Facilities

Urgent care facilities can benefit from our portable and mobile X-ray systems' small footprint and maneuverable design. With no dedicated x-ray room required, our units can be stored in the main patient exam room and effortlessly wheeled to the patient when needed.

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Chiropractic Clinics

Struggling with space and budget constraints, chiropractic clinics can benefit from our portable and mobile X-ray solutions. They provide the necessary imaging capabilities for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning of musculoskeletal disorders affecting the spine. They are portable enough to be folded and tucked away into a corner when not in use.

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Forensic Laboratories

Our portable and mobile X-ray systems provide high-quality, durable, reliable imaging capabilities for forensic laboratories that require quick and accurate imaging capabilities to analyze evidence. Offering exceptional performance in a lightweight package, they give forensic scientists accurate and timely imaging when necessary.

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Doctor's desk with computer and medical textbook with shallow depth of field focus on stethoscope .

Occupational Health Clinics

With user-friendly controls and a portable design, our systems can easily be transported between job sites, ensuring rapid and reliable imaging capabilities. Our portable and mobile X-ray systems provide effective imaging capabilities that can be quickly deployed in occupational health clinics.

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MUNSTER / GERMANY - MAY 2012: german rescue center system on trucks stands on plate on may 2012 in munster, germany.

Military Field Hospitals & Clinics

Our portable and mobile X-ray systems are built strong to withstand harsh conditions in remote or disaster-stricken areas. Their lightweight and rugged design provides accurate and timely diagnostic imaging capabilities in emergencies, equipped with power factor correction for use with any outlet.

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Cruise Ships & Naval Vessels

A unique challenge with ships is fitting as much as possible into a limited space environment. Our portable and mobile X-ray systems solve this issue, as their footprint is small enough when folded that they take up no more space than a rolling carry-on suitcase.

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Surgeon Doctor Looking At Bone Xray Scan

Podiatry Clinics

We understand the specific needs of podiatry clinics and have designed our podiatry system to provide superior imaging, shorter exposure times, and convenient patient positioning. With its low profile base and sturdy patient support rails, patients can easily step onto the system, and X-rays can be taken from a 180° adjustable angle.

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The fence of the correctional facility with barbed wire on the background of a gloomy cloudy dark blue sky.

Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities face multiple challenges when X-raying inmates for either health purposes or detecting contraband items. Our portable and mobile X-ray systems are a perfect fit for these challenges. They are robust enough to be used in either scenario, ensuring the facility's safety for screening and the patient's well-being for diagnostic purposes.

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Paramedic ambulance equipment at football stadium for help.

Sports Facilities

While our team may not have the physical ability to match athletes, our portable and mobile X-ray systems are capable enough to keep up with them. Designed for sports facilities, they deliver reliable and accurate imaging capabilities for various sports injuries. They can easily be transported onto a field or used in tight spaces with a lightweight and compact design.

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Mobile Imaging Services

Our portable X-ray systems are crucial for mobile imaging services, providing an essential solution for diagnostic imaging on the go. They are small enough to fit into the back of a small SUV and can easily be transported to remote locations, ascend stairs, and rolled directly to the patient's bedside.

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