XRS-180 X-ray Generators

Introducing the XRS-180 Family of X-ray generators, designed to deliver exceptional performance with up to 180kV and 1000W output.


Max kV 180kV
Max mA 5.5mA
Max Power 1kW
Duty Cycle Continuous
Input Power 120VAC/240VAC
Min Focal Spot 2.5mm
X-Ray Tube Glass
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Family Max kV Max Power Notes
SB-50 50kV 50W Integrated
SB-60 60kV 20W Integrated
SB-80 80kV 160W Integrated
SB-100 100kV 50W Integrated
SB-120 120kV 48W Integrated
SB-160 160kV 320W Integrated
SB-200 200kV 800W Integrated
SB-250 250kV 750W Integrated
XRS-100 100kV 1.3kW Modular
XRS-120 120kV 3kW Modular
XRS-125 125kV 875W Modular
XRS-135 135kV 675W Modular
XRS-140 140kV 1.05kW Modular
XRS-160 160kV 1kW Modular
XRS-180 180kV 1kW Modular
XRS-200 200kV 1kW Modular
XRS-250 250kV 1kW Modular

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