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Medical Imaging

Our X-ray generators are designed with safety in mind, making them an ideal fit for medical imaging applications. From detecting and monitoring bone and joint conditions, lung and gastrointestinal tract abnormalities, breast cancer, and other bodily procedures, our generators are the perfect solution to complement your medical devices.

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Interior of a foundry - workstation and equipment for the production alloy wheels. Industrial zone


With durable and robust construction, our X-ray generators can withstand even the most rigorous workloads encountered in industrial applications. Ideal for factory systems, our generators can assist in detecting defects, cracks, or imperfections that may impact performance or safety. They offer advantages that span across industries, from aerospace to electronics.

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With a remarkably low noise profile, our X-ray generators are designed to improve laboratory and analytical applications, enabling the study of materials' structure, composition, and properties while maintaining an undisturbed working environment. They can be utilized in applications that employ diffraction, fluorescence, and spectroscopy techniques.

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With a small footprint, our X-ray generators can fit into the tightest fixtures required by the inspection industry. Aiding in detecting defects and inconsistencies, they are ideal for non-destructive testing, detecting contaminants in food and pharmaceutical products, inspecting welds and castings, and analyzing electronic components.

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Airport security check. Young man holding passport and waiting for x-ray control his luggage.


The reliability of our X-ray generators translates into enhanced safety, providing a safer environment for screening applications. They are a valuable tool for improving safety in numerous applications. From airport and border security to industrial screening, our generators aid in detecting weapons, explosives, smuggled goods, and hazardous materials, ensuring a safer environment for all.

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Research / Educational

With a plug-and-play setup, from the hardware to the software, our X-ray generators are ideal for research institutions and universities looking to quickly and more accurately enhance their capabilities and drive world-changing breakthroughs. Researchers and students alike can use our generators to investigate the crystal arrangement of materials, the elemental composition of samples, material electronic structures, and other scientific pursuits.

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The future is green with our energy-efficient X-ray generators, aiding advancements in the environmental research sector. They enable researchers to analyze the composition and properties of samples, aid in ecological forensics, and identify sources of contamination. We're proud to know our generators are used as a critical tool in promoting sustainable practices and solutions.

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