Why a Quality X-Ray Generator is so important

High voltage power supply for x-ray machines

As you probably already know, a quality high-voltage x-ray generator is crucial to producing consistent and dependable results.

Since x-ray units require a high voltage generator to achieve the necessary power required of an x-ray tube, it’s important that the x-ray generator be built to your exacting specifications and standards.

What role does the x-ray generator play?

The X-ray generator produces X-rays when an electrical current is applied to it. The X-ray generator acts as the primary control mechanism for the entire fluoroscope. It’s through the generator that current is allowed to flow into the X-ray tube. The basic function of adjusting the voltage differential and current of the X-ray tube is controlled automatically to maintain optimal contrast and brightness. Generator types used in fluoroscopy include single-phase, three-phase, constant potential, and high frequency.
High-frequency generators provide superior exposure reproducibility along with the most compact size, lowest purchase price, and lowest repair costs. As a result, high-frequency generators like those we design and manufacture are commonly used in new radiographic equipment. X-rays may be generated in either a continuous or a pulsed mode. Automatic brightness control is a standard feature of the majority of modern fluoroscopes. Through this system, mA and kVp are constantly monitored and adjusted to optimize the image.
Considering the x-ray generator is so crucial to the performance of an x-ray system, it’s important to work with designers and engineers that can build to suit your particular needs. Source-Ray, Inc. develops custom SourceBlocks® for Original Equipment Manufacturers to reduce the overall cost and size of traditional X-Ray Tube / Generator configurations while eliminating the need for high voltage cabling connecting these two components thereby increasing the system reliability.
Not only are all of our SourceBlocks® manufactured in the USA in our own ISO 13485 / FDA approved facility but we use a state-of-the-art technology that integrates an X-ray tube and a High Voltage Generator into one physical assembly or subsystem.


SourceBlock® by Source-Ray is the answer to today’s demanding X-ray applications that require the best possible cost/performance ratio.


Source-Ray, Inc is a leading developer, x-ray manufacturer, and x-ray supplier of portable and mobile x-ray equipment for a wide variety of companies including Urgent Care, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities to mention a few.
Source-Ray also supplies integrated diagnostic x-ray source block assemblies to Original Equipment Manufacturers for Medical, Analytical and Industrial markets.


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