X-Ray Generators help the Fight Against Covid

The tradition goes back to the Peloponnesian War in in the time of Achilles and Odysseus. Over the centuries, whenever humans charged into battle, trained medical teams stayed in the rear to tend to the wounded.
Now, the entire world is fighting an old enemy in a new form: covid-19. And now, as in battles of old, the medical community is preparing to care for the casualties.

In the last few years, field hospitals were commonly used in the wake of natural catastrophes. A good example of this is the Israeli Defense Fund's reaction to the Haiti earthquake of 2010. The IDF's model won accolades from the WHO not only for their rapid response, but also because the teams delivered the technology needed to provide truly effective treatment to victims.  This necessarily included quality digital x-ray equipment.

Now, the concept of the field hospital is evolving to fit the covid-19 reality. The front line today is nursing homes, senior centers, rehabilitation units and smaller mobile clinics. Luckily, we live in a world where technological expertise can be harnessed just for these situations.

Consider Source-Ray's digital x-ray machines, units with high voltage generators that can be transported easily and safely to where they are needed. Portable x-ray machines have been commonly used by mobile x-ray providers to deliver high-quality digital imaging to rural communities and smaller urban areas. Every patient who receives treatment in a smaller, less congested environment is less likely to be exposed to covid-19. This is a critical element in this particular fight.

With high voltage generators, portable digital x-rays machines from Source-Ray have the ability to deliver excellent quality, reliable imaging to any conceivable location. The x-ray units created by SRI provide health care providers all the information they need to give all patients top-quality medical treatment.

SRI units have already proven that they can do the job. Now, their engineering and design advancements are ready to take on the battle, no matter where the war is being fought.



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