Tim Moser, M.D.

Hi Jerry,
I hope your holiday season has been good to you and your family. Several weeks ago, I took possession of the
new SR‐1260 unit, with wireless DR plate upgrade.

As you will remember, we had been using an aging CR system to obtain our portable X‐Rays for Social Security
Disability examinations.

I expected the image quality to be better than what we had obtained with the CR. All the information I had read
discussed how better images with lower radiation doses was possible. The sample images on your website all
looked too good to be true. If the images we obtained were even close to the quality shown, then I was going
to be satisfied.

What we have found is the new unit has surpassed all expectations. The image quality is simply
fantastic! Radiation doses are indeed lower than using the CR technology. Our patients tend to run on the obese side, and obtaining a quality image of the lateral L spine has always been
a challenge. I am pleased to say we have yet to have a patient that a good image of the L spine could not be

As good as the equipment has been, the people I have worked with at your company are even better. Starting
with yourself, you discussed the advantages of the new machine in depth. After ordering, you provided me with
updates concerning delivery. Any phone or E‐mail message sent to you was promptly answered.

The folks in the shipping department contacted me by phone to make sure everything was in order prior to
shipment. After receiving the equipment, the company service manager, Allen To, came to Colorado to train
my staff. Allen is a bright, talented man who was very patient with all of our questions. He has a very easy going
personality, and we liked him immediately. At the end of the training session, he provided us with his business
card, and instructed us to call if we had any questions. This guy is top notch, and represented your company
very well.

As my company expands over the years, I plan to do business with you and your company again.

Please do me a favor. Would you forward this message to the person who runs your fine company? The good
work you have done deserves to be recognized.

Tim Moser, M.D.