Source-Ray portable x-ray machine donated to Jamaica hospital helps treat newborn baby

Source-Ray portable x-ray machine donated to Jamaica hospital helps treat newborn baby

We all know how important quality, affordable portable x-ray systems are for patient health and treatment. Here in the US it can be easy to take for granted the availability of portable and mobile x-ray devices since they can be found almost anywhere. Urgent care facilities,  rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, sports stadiums, cruise ships, veterinarians and of course hospitals. Unfortunately, not every country has access to the same level of technology and imaging solutions. 

That’s where the Issa Trust Foundation comes in. The Issa Trust Foundation was established in 2005 by Couples Resorts as a nonprofit organization. The mission of the Foundation is to provide a system of prevention, health promotion and education, community health improvement and other services to promote well-being and development for the people of Jamaica. The organization also focuses on helping the Neo-natal and pediatric services at several hospitals throughout Jamaica.



Recently, a wonderful hospital in Jamaica, Sav-La-Mar Hospital in Negril badly needed upgrades to their radiology and imaging systems. Through a partnership between Issa and Radiology Imaging Solutions, two Source-Ray, Inc., SR-130 units have been purchased and donated by the Issa Trust Foundation. One to Annotto Bay Hospital in Annotto Bay and one to Sav-La-Mar Hospital in Negril. The portable x-ray units are manufactured by Source-Ray, Inc. and are sold by Radiology Imaging Solutions, Inc. for use in hospitals in Jamaica.
In January of 2020, Radiology Imaging Solutions took the first portable x-ray into the neo-natal ward at Annotto Bay Hospital and the benefits were almost instantaneous. 
A baby boy was born at 27 weeks gestation and desperately needed urgent medical care. The doctors at the hospital were able to utilize the SR-130 portable x-ray from Source-Ray, Inc. and perform imaging that aided the boy’s treatment. There was a blood gas analysis done with the new blood gas analyzer donated by Issa Trust Foundation at the same time as the portable x-ray system and with the information from these tests it was determined that he was viable enough to be transferred to the regional hospital and put on a ventilator.
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