Digital Systems

Source-Ray’s digital systems are available with Gadox, or Cesium DR Panels, with image processing software that provides fast easy to use archive, print and send tools. Source-Ray’s digital systems are designed for fast, easy Radiographic Image acquisition, and for uncomplicated transmission and storage of the digital image. Digital Systems are built on either the SR-130, or PowerMax 1260 platform (reference individual pages for full specifications).


Digital Detector (Wireless, or Tethered)

14″ x 17″ Flat Panel Type: Amorphous Silicon (a-SI),
Scintillator: CsI (Cesium Iodide), or GOS (Gadox),
Pixel Size: 150 x 150 microns,

On-Board Laptop Computer

Integrated Slide Out/Fold-Away Design,
Intel Core (TM) i5 (460M),
14.1″ WXGA+ Anti-Glare LED Display,
128GB SSD Hard Drive,

Digital Imaging Software

Window Level,
Technique Chart,
Rotate Image,
Patient ID,
DICOM Print,
Body Region,
DICOM Store,
& Modality Work List Software.

Panel/Grid Adapter Storage Box

Tilt Out Easy Access – Integrated Panel & Grid Holder,
Protection During Transport.

Optional Equipment

Grid Adapter (Includes 6:1,103 Line or 215 Line Grid)

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At Teleradiology Specialists, we have extensive experience in interpreting X-Rays from Urgent Care centers. In fact, we read X-Ray images for over 1,000 Urgent Care facilities nationwide.

I recently reviewed a series of radiographic images taken on Urgent Care patients utilizing the UC-5000, a new low-power, high-frequency mobile X-Ray system specifically designed for the Urgent Care arena and manufactured by Source-Ray Inc. These patient images included the majority of X-Ray exams that are most common to Urgent Care: chest (PA/Lateral), lumbar spine (PA/Lateral), shoulder, and extremities (arm, hand, ankle and foot). All were direct digital images. The images were of the highest diagnostic quality. Even the chest and lumbar spine X-Ray images, which were taken on patients weighing more than 270 lbs., displayed consistent resolution. I find the quality remarkable considering the images were produced by a lower power unit.

This unit requires only minimal lead shielding and therefore can be utilized in the existing patient exam rooms, making it easier to add X-Ray equipment to existing offices. This flexibility, coupled with excellent quality, makes the Source-Ray UC-5000 an excellent match for the needs of the Urgent Care market.

David J. Cohen
Founder & Medical Director – Teleradiology Specialists

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