July 2018

The Best Ways to Respond to Negative Urgent Care Reviews

Nowadays, anything can be posted online. It’s important to monitor customer reviews regularly so you can respond promptly before it can negatively impact your urgent care business. Positive reviews can boost your business. However,  negative reviews are opportunities to improve the services you provide at your urgent care center.


So how do you respond to online patient reviews and improve your business reputation? Here are tips on how to respond to them.

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The Rise of the Mobile X-ray in Urgent Care and beyond

The world of radiology has evolved since X-rays were first discovered and demand for digital mobile X-ray is on the rise.

With a growing need for patient-centric medical care, medical professionals simply need a “radiology room on wheels.” Users have continued to demand improved reliability , accessibility, and flexibility to help address the rising radiographic needs of patients.

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